Prioritize your teams' development via nudges

Skoach feels the team pulse and nudges people to adopt key habits, so teams get aligned, united and productive
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Slack Teams Skoach Integration ChallengeSlack Teams Skoach Integration Challenge

Our success metrics

User satisfaction based on weekly quick surveys
Average user weekly engagement rate after 3 months
Average user weekly engagement rate after 6 months


Good intentions are not enough. We need action.

We're often running in a hamster wheel, so focused on chasing goals that we forget about ourselves and our team. Even if not wanting to.


Understand where you are and get where you want to be

Insights are great. Action is better.
We’ll set goals together, drive behavior change and measure our impact

Feel your team's pulse

Quarterly surveys to check in on your team and measure Skoach’s impact

Promote new behaviors

Change behavior through weekly challenges in 30min/week

Feel the awesome team dynamic

Help people be at their best, and keep teams aligned and together


Check out some of our clients's success stories

TheBam&Boo Fernando Nuno
The Bam&Boo relied on Skoach to align the team while hybrid.
Learn how →
Team Terminal
😎 used Skoach to make training more fun and effective.
Learn how →


Based on the team sentiment, Skoach nudges you to adopt key habits

Skoach builds habits so people become their better selves and contribute to a better team
Align goals and mission
Foster a tribe vibe
Promote psychological safety
For teams aiming for high performance
Exchange feedback
Set the direction
Delegate and promote growth
For new and growth-minded managers
Manage energy
Manage time
Boost confidence and resilience
For anyone, really!
Push for social integration
Instill mission and values
Boost proactiveness 
For new joiners, even after a good orientation week
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People grow
better together

Feel the impact on yourself and people around you
Going remote, I’m happy to have a virtual coach that reminds us to take key actions to grow our team successfully.
Leonardo Varella-Cid
‍‍CEO & Co-founder
My key lesson was to step out of my comfort zone and contribute with my skills to the best company results.
Cristina Belo
‍‍Content Manager
Skoach boosts the overall levels of engagement and gets team members 'vibing' in high levels of cooperation.
Nuno Monteiro
‍‍‍Unity Developer
Skoach adapts to what I need and sends me challenges that fit my day-to-day. I even shared them with other colleagues.
Carolina Queimado
‍‍Urban Planner


From where you are to where you want to be

From where you are to where you want to be

Whatever stage you are, we can help you set a direction and walk the talk
We meet you where you are
We’re on slack and Teams: you don’t need to leave the zone. And we’ll adapt to what you need.
We drive change on-the-job
Based on Neuroscience, our spaced challenges effectively change the way people work.
We leave no one behind
Skoach empowers every team member and fits everyone's schedules.