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Skoach matches people analytics with nudges to promote a better team experience, all through Slack and Teams.

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#workhappens 😬

You have an expectation for how your team should interact. Great communication, hi-fives (even if virtual), lame jokes, good feedback.

But “work happens” and reality is often not that awesome.

Do you feel it too? 🧐

Main concerns we hear about

Whether it’s high turnover, productivity concerns, or just feeling the pulse and enabling development opportunities, we’re here for you.

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Set up an action plan for your team in 10'

Skoach helps every team member build a great team experience on-the-job in 3 simple steps:


Skoach meets teams where they're already collaborating.

Assess team engagement

Quarterly pulse surveys to get a sense of how your team is doing.

Define the next steps per team

Suggestion of the skills each team should work on based on survey results.

Skoach will help you act on them

Weekly tips for everyone to be applied on-the-job.


Trusted by teams seeking to be awesome

"Skoach pushes us to go through with actions to build a better team and be more productive"
Fernando Ribeiro
Co-founder & Managing Partner
"Skoach is a great learning companion tool which I am currently using to complement a custom training program I am designing."
Karine Roy
Head of Learning & Development

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