Become the team everybody wants to be part of

Skoach transforms the way teams work, through weekly on-the-job challenges that build good habits
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Slack Teams Skoach Integration ChallengeSlack Teams Skoach Integration Challenge


Good intentions don't make good teams

Often, we're so focused on chasing deadlines that we forget about ourselves and our team.


Skoach will make you stop, think and act

Building habits, so you become a better version of yourself and contribute to a better team.
  • Feedback
  • Psychological safety
  • Mission alignment
  • Team bonding
  • Ownership
  • Feedback
  • Psychological safety
  • Goal setting
  • Delegation
  • Energy management
  • Time management
  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Social integrations
  • Mission alignment
  • Expected behaviors
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It's microlearning 2.0

Change behavior through weekly challenges, only 30min a week ⚡️


Drive behavior change

We’ll set goals together, drive behavior change and measure our impact.
Set goals
Based on a pulse check or your insights
Promote new habits
Through on-the-job challenges
Measure impact
Via frequent surveys and metric correlation


Skoach makes them be on top of their game

Skoach helped me to understand the company structure and the scope of each team. My key lesson was learning to step out of my comfort zone and contribute with my skills to the best team and company results.
Cristina Belo
Skoach is a great tool to turn great teams into excellent ones! It boosts the overall levels of engagement and gets team members 'vibing' in high levels of cooperation.
Nuno Monteiro
Skoach is a smart robot that adapts to what I need and sends me challenges that fit my day-to-day. I still use some techniques and even shared them with other colleagues.
Carolina Queimado


Feel the real behavior change without yet another app

No more having everyone forget what they learned after a training.
We meet teams where they are
We're on Slack and Microsoft Teams, meaning Skoach even talks to people in their pyjamas.
We drive change on-the-job
Based on Neuroscience, our spaced challenges effectively change the way people work.
We leave no one behind
Skoach empowers every team member and fits everyone's schedules.