The team experience coach

We fix retention by helping every team member build a great team experience.

Our mission

We exist to help everyone make the most out of their work.

At Skoach, we believe in three things:

Everyone has the power to impact the company's culture

The behavior of people around us is key for our commitment

Our brain is a muscle that evolves by practicing new behaviors

So, we created  Skoach to amplify the impact everyone has on the work environment and growth around them.

Our team

Rita Silva

Co-founder and CEO

Rita's job is to find ways to make teams adaptable and stronger, including ours. She’s a mother of two and loves dancing to good music.

João Ferreira

Co-founder and CTO

João makes sure Skoach is always ready to have intelligent conversations. While he’s not writing code, he’s either reading or lifting things at the gym.

Mariana Silva

Product Designer

Mariana does her magic to design a product that users get to love. She's crazy about cultural exchange and traveling solo.

Mónica melo

Business Growth

Mónica’s mission is to get more companies to adopt Skoach, transforming their team experience into awesomeness. She loves culinary and getting out of her comfort zone.

Our advisors

Skoach Ana Sofia
Ana Sofia Freitas


Skoach Catarina Fernandes
Catarina Fernandes


The Company

Skoach was founded in 2019 by Rita Ribeiro Silva and João Ferreira to become the change management solution for companies. We're based in Lisbon, Portugal, and we're being incubated by Indico Accelerator, powered by Google for Startups.

Our office

Rua do Instituto Industrial 16
1200-225 Lisbon

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