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Skoach brings teams together

"Skoach pushes us to go through with actions to build a better team."

Fernando Ribeiro
Co-founder, The Bam&Boo

"I am the new "guy" on the team and the game (Matchbox) helped me open up to my team and start building a trust relationship."

Carolina Aguiar
Had recently joined the company,
The Bam&Boo

"I like the very cool team activities Skoach gives us, and having access to the eNPS report."

André Moniz
VP Engineering, Kitch

"Skoach boosts the overall levels of engagement and gets team members 'vibing' in high levels of cooperation."

Nuno Monteiro
Unity Developer, Aptoide

"Everyone loved sharing the extraordinary things our team has achieved to populate our 'Jar of Awesome'."

Pedro Bandeira
Founder & CEO, COREangels

"I liked that Skoach promoted a discussion among the whole team about an important topic. It made them feel valued and heard."

Team Lead

Skoach helps managers become better leaders

"As a good friend, Skoach reminds you of what we can do, helping us extract the best of ourselves and our teams."

Miguel Kreiseler
Head of Property & Assess Management, JLL

"The value of Skoach lies in diagnosing issues in the team and proposing actions to work on them."

Cíntia Mano
Partner & Managing Director,

"Skoach works as a reminder, it's an activator of things I already know are important but that sometimes fall through the cracks of agendas."

Team Lead, COMPANY X

"Going remote, I'm happy to have a virtual coach that reminds us to take key actions to grow our team successfully."

Leonardo Varella-Cid
Co-founder, Innovation-Cast

"Skoach strengthened the importance of having 1-on-1s."

Sofia Caetano
Partner, Cardigos

"Celebrating small wins got me motivated to start other challenging projects."

Team Lead, COMPANY X

Skoach helps people get in control of their time

"I'm more organized and aware of my energy level during the day. And I've felt amazing these last two weeks with the changes I've made."

Liliana Carbono
Project Expert,

"Skoach has been a great help for me establishing priorities in my day to day work."

Andreia Galvão
Efficiency Seeker, Multilem

"Skoach plays an important role in helping us get organized and making us more productive."

(role), COMPANY X

"The weekly reminders motivated us to leave our routine and do something different."

Pedro Moreira
Accounting Department, Multilem

"Skoach made me rethink the directions of my work."

Cristina Belo
Logistics Manager, The Bam&Boo

“Celebrating small wins got me motivated to start other challenging projects.”

Nuno Catarino
Co-founder, The Bam&Boo

"Skoach nudged me to focus on what I really had to do — and the world didn't end during those 3 hours of focus."

(role), COMPANY X

Skoach makes feedback a routine

"Asking and giving feedback challenged by Skoach has been very interesting — it made me feel valued."

Team Lead at a fast growing startup

"Skoach helped recognize the importance of feedback more."

Guilherme Santos
Consultant Big Consulting Company

"Feedback is now natural and frequent, thanks to Skoach challenges."

Maria Brogueira de Sousa
Partner, Cardigos

“Feedback is really becoming part of the culture.”

Diogo Teixeira
Co-founder, Beta-i

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