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Make feedback as comfortable as wearing pyjamas

Skoach transforms the way teams work, through weekly on-the-job challenges that build good habits

How does Skoach activate best-practice behaviors?

Skoach Feedback Challenge
This is an example of a challenge recognize other people's strengths.

Define the direction

Skoach checks your team's pulse or leverages insights you have, to stay relevant.

Change habits

He'll challenge people to make feedback regular, through weekly challenges:
✓ Adopting a growth mindset
✓ Exchanging constructive feedback
✓ Recognize other people's strengths

Get feedback

We report back to you how people are engaging with Skoach.

Feel the impact and measure it

By working with the whole team, Skoach creates a context for the new natural. He measures impact every quarter.
We do all this running on the the platforms your team is already interacting with:


Skoach activates best-practice behaviors

He'll challenge people to make feedback regular
Goal setting
Based on a pulse check or your insights
Collaborative challenges
To adopt a growth mindset and exchange feedback
Impact Reports
Via frequent surveys and metric correlation
We do all this running on the the platforms your team is already interacting with:

Make feedback a growth tool.
Help your teams...

Say what's needed

Help everyone feel comfortable giving improvement feedback

Recognize strengths

Help your teams recognize others' strengths to help colleagues grow

Receive tough news

Help people better manage emotions and actively listen when receiving feedback

Seek feedback

Help everyone in your teams seek regular feedback and act on it

Why people love us

Feedback is now natural and frequent, thanks to Skoach challenges.”

Maria Brogueira de Sousa, Cardigos