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Small Team

How a team adopted a learning mindset with Skoach

Via Microsoft Teams, Skoach invited the team to open their minds to other perspectives, have vulnerable conversations and normalize mistakes and learning as part of the journey.

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Learning Mindset

"Skoach helped us think about problems in a different way, which resulted in a better understanding of the situation, and brought us together as a team."




Jill’s team was going through a rough patch. They felt little understood by the rest of the company and so frustrated with mistakes that frowned upon risk taking . This naturally created tension in the team.


Jill used Skoach to promote a learning mindset.

For a quarter, Skoach was their companion, nudging them every other week, inviting them to:

・discuss vulnerable topics at team meetings, such as mistakes and their learnings

・clash their ideas with other teams to seek different perspectives

・seek ways to be better versions of themselves

・set learning goals


The team felt increased trust and a higher acceptance of other teams’ differences:

・by bringing vulnerable topics to the table

・by considering different perspectives

・by seeing mistakes and learning as part of the journey

(Note: Jill preferred to remain incognito, so that this case study could remain real. Your secrets are safe with Skoach 😉)

"The tip to think of opposing ideas makes us think from another angle and reminds us that our perspective is really not the only one."