Skoach is a great learning companion tool which I am currently using to complement a custom training program I am designing.
Karine Roy
Head of Learning & Development

Customer Story used Skoach to make training more fun and effective

Skoach challenged the team to apply what they learned during the training, as a virtual coach on Slack.
Fully agree Skoach was an effective companion for the live sessions
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Self Management
Karine Roy, Terminal’s Head of L&D, was developing a new time and priority management training but knew that its efficacy would depend on whether people applied what they learned vs. just went back to business as usual.
Karine enriched the team’s program by matching Skoach challenges to the weekly training topics.

Every week, after each virtual session, Skoach sent everyone a new challenge to help them anchor the concepts they had seen during the virtual classes and apply them to their work.
By putting into practice the learnings from the training session, the team quickly appreciated the impact of the new tools.
The team particularly valued:
  • rethinking meetings and making the important ones more productive
  • seeking awareness of others' circumstances to better respect them, establishing trust
  • recognizing small wins as progress and as a source of dopamine
  • understanding they have the power to decide how to use their time based on what is important to them

Most liked challenges



Prioritize tasks that quickly allow for small wins, to create a motivation momentum.


Set a finish line for your workdays and plan your work to fit before it.


Organize a team meeting where each person shares a source of anxiety.

Why they love us

It’s like a different way to do your homework, without feeling it's homework.
I'm more organized and aware of my energy level during the day. And I've felt amazing these last two weeks with the changes I've made.
Liliana Carbono
Technical Recruiter