TheBam&Boo Fernando Nuno
Skoach pushes us to go through with actions to build a better team and be more productive, which is really important.
Fernando Ribeiro
Co-founder & Managing Partner

Customer Story

The Bam&Boo relied on Skoach to align the team while hybrid

Skoach challenged the team weekly on Slack to adopt habits to align with the company goals and foster proximity.
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TheBam&Boo is an e-commerce business that offers an eco-friendly toothbrush subscription and other sustainable products




Team Alignment
PROBLEM: With remote and hybrid work increasing in 2020, The Bam&Boo felt the need for more ownership and proximity within the team.
SOLUTION: During one quarter, the team worked on a change journey composed of 10 challenges. Skoach challenged them, as everyone's virtual coach, to take more ownership of own projects and results, create a tribe vibe, and exchange more feedback.
RESULTS: Skoach measures the pulse of the organization at the beginning and at the end of the journey. Most questions are ranked 1-5.
Managers saw an improvement on:
  • having a more clear direction (3.3 → 4.3)
  • how mistakes are seen as learning opportunities (3.8 → 4.3)
Team felt an improvement on:
  • getting more and better improvement feedback (4.2 → 4.8)
  • having mechanisms in place to monitor results (4.0 → 4.6)

Most liked challenges



Have a chat with your peer and give feedback to optimize the way you work together.


Recognize the strengths of someone in the team, showing the impact it has.


Organize a team meeting where each person shares a source of anxiety.

Why they love us

People act in a way they often forget to and get closer to their team
The challenges helped foster more interaction with our colleagues and develop empathy.
Maria Fernandes
Brand Marketing Manager
Skoach helped me to understand the company structure and the scope of each team.
Cristina Belo
Content Manager
Skoach has helped me define and organize my goals, and increase workgroup cooperation. Skoach's frequent challenges also helped me build new routines at work.
Maria Fernandes
Brand Marketing Manager
Skoach helped me to understand the company structure and the scope of each team. My key lesson was learning to step out of my comfort zone, evolve and contribute with my skills to the best team and company results.
Cristina Belo
Skoach is a great tool, especially to remind us of topics that we tend to forget but that are very important for the well functioning of the company.