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Be a manager people want to work with

Do the things that keep your team aligned and engaged through weekly challenges
Skoach Challenges Leader Coach

Grow as a manager with weekly nudges

Promote individual growth and autonomy
Get productive conversations with your team
Set concrete team goals and monitor progress
Give positive and constructive feedback often
Skoach Challenge Know Your Team

Activate best-practice behaviors

Skoach will challenge you to develop your management skills
Skoach Survey

1. Initial diagnosis

Understand your starting point
Skoach Challenge

2. Weekly challenges

Get challenges to grow as a manager
Skoach Dashboard

3. Dashboard

Track progress and see what's next
No extra apps, we meet you where you are.

Develop the leadership skills you need

See immediate application of what you learn
Skoach was a fantastic surprise! As a good friend, it reminds you of what you can (and should) do, helping us extract the best of ourselves and our teams.
Miguel Kreiseler
Skoach strengthened the importance of having 1-on-1s.
Sofia Caetano
Skoach boosts the overall levels of engagement and gets team members 'vibing' in high levels of cooperation.
Nuno Monteiro