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Got questions? We've got answers.

Can the challenges and the language be customized to our organization's style?

There are 2 levels of customization:

  • Some things will always be customized to the each organization, like its name, and the mission and values, in case we touch upon that, or even the way you want us to say call your people in manager positions.

  • In some cases, if needed and depending on your input, we can adjust certain challenges or even create new ones to specifically match what you need. This is done in every context, and especially with onboarding challenges.

Can different people get different programs?
  • Teams and people will get different challenges, depending on a) the teams' survey results that may point to different areas to work on and b) individual skills choices within priorities.

  • That being said, in case you're working on bringing people together, some group challenges are sent to different people simultaneously, to promote interaction.

What if some people don’t engage?
  • The free trial will let you check the overall interest of your team.

  • If you decided to move forward and start paying, we'll only charge for people who interact with Skoach in a given month (just like Slack charges per seat).

What insights will we get from the initial diagnosis?

The initial team diagnosis assesses the effectiveness of the team and consequently its leadership on 5 areas:

  • Organization

  • Direction and Accountability

  • Growth and Collaboration

  • Learning and Proximity

  • Time and Energy Management

For a person installing Skoach independently of a team, the initial questions will not "diagnose" anything per se, but rather understand the initial situation of that person, so that we can later measure impact and check progress, together.

What's the challenge cadence?

Challenges will be sent every week, and will respect every person's rhythm, i.e., people can tell Skoach they need two weeks or choose to keep the challenge after not completing it.

For additional questions, reach out to our team: