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Manage yourself before others do

Be your most productive and energized at work through weekly challenges that build good habits
Skoach Challenges Self Management

Reach your peaks with weekly nudges

Learn to focus your time on the most essential
Get tricks to manage your energy
Boost confidence and resilience
Skoach Challenge Self Management

Help your teams...

Make work visible

Help your teams feel it's natural to make work visible and establish a good communication base

Trust each other

Help your teams trust each other to promote delegation and autonomy


Help your teams know how to connect with one another in a hybrid environment

Activate best-practice behaviors

Skoach will challenge you to be your best self
1. Initial diagnosis
Understand your starting point
2. Weekly challenges
Get challenges to manage yourself
3. Dashboard
Track progress and see what's next
No extra apps, we meet you where you are.

Build new habits and routines

Feel the impact on yourself
Skoach's frequent challenges helped me build new routines at work.
Maria Fernandes
Skoach was a fantastic surprise! As a good friend, it reminds you of what you can (and should) do, helping us extract the best of ourselves and our teams.
Miguel Kreiseler
Skoach is a smart robot that adapts to what I need and sends me challenges that fit my day-to-day.
Carolina Queimado