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Why it matters‍

Accountability is the base for growth as it shows what can be improved and provides the energy to address it. 

Our goal‍

Monitor results and feel accountable for the team's direction, come up with ideas for growth, and actively seek its development.

Sample question we use to evaluate it 

(every 3 months)

  • "Does the majority of the team take personal responsibility for the effectiveness of your team?"

Sample challenges to help you act on it

🔹 Establish A Routine To Monitor KPIs

Check your team's progress using traffic lights, and involve them in how to move forward.

🔹 Manage Team Meetings

Spice a team meeting up through a different question shared in advance.

Some sources of our content

Tim Ferris, Amy Edmonson

💙 What our Skoachees say about it

"Going remote, I'm happy to have a virtual coach that reminds us to take key actions to grow our team successfully." Leonardo Varella-Cid, Innovation Cast


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