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While any leader should try to bring out the best in their team, team members should communicate in ways to make that job easier. A coaching culture not only fosters growth, but also retention, by increasing the chances that people work on what's relevant for them.

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Maximize the team's talent potential and create a space to discuss engagement topics.

Sample question we use to evaluate it 

(every 3 months)

  • "Do you have a chance to use your strengths every day at work?"

Sample challenges to help you act on it

🔹 Negotiate Degrees of Freedom

Share with your manager what further degree of autonomy you would like on how to do your job.

🔹 Know Your Team

Get to know your team better during a 1-on-1, focusing on what energizes them.

Some sources of our content

Amy Edmonson, Google

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"Skoach was a fantastic surprise! As a good friend, it reminds you of what you can (and should) do, helping us extract the best of ourselves and our teams." Miguel Kreiseler, JLL


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