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Learning Mindset

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Why it matters‍

A learning mindset is not only key for innovation, but also for effective communication within the team. It should help you improve processes and see obstacles as growth opportunities. 

Our goal‍

Rethink your team's processes, and help everyone seek out situations to experiment with, and take away learnings from mistakes.

Sample question we use to evaluate it 

(every 3 months)

  • "As a team, do you view mistakes as opportunities for learning and growth?"

Sample challenges to help you act on it

🔹 Define The Box To Challenge It

Define a box with the 3 rules you usually follow and defy one of them.

🔹 Share Mistakes

In a team meeting, have everyone sharing their most useful mistake at work so you all can benefit from the learning.

Some sources of our content

Adam Grant, Amy Edmondson

💙 What our Skoachees say about it

"My key lesson was learning to step out of my comfort zone, evolve and contribute with my skills to the best team & company results." Cristina Belo, TheBam&Boo


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