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Performance Feedback

About this skill

Why it matters

Feedback is very powerful as it makes people feel invested in and it is able to dissolve conflicts before they take bigger proportions.

Our goal

Empower your team with the tools to have great feedback, informal conversations on a recurrent basis, so you create space for recognition and growth.

Sample question we use to evaluate it 

(every 3 months)

  • "Do you get enough quality and improvement feedback?"

Sample challenges to help you act on it

🔹 Feedback On-the-spot

Give on-the-spot feedback to someone about something that just happened.

🔹 Upward Feedback

Offer your manager some feedback to help them grow.

Some sources of our content

Sheila Heen

💙 What our Skoachees say about it

"Feedback is now natural and frequent, thanks to Skoach challenges." Maria Sousa, Cardigos


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