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Vision & Prioritization

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Why it matters‍

It's common to see an overwhelmed team, reacting to what becomes urgent. Focusing work around very few goals and setting clear priorities (as in what should be done first, next and later) aligns the team and increases the chances of investing the time on what's important and making the right decisions.

Our goal‍

Align the team around a few key goals and make the priorities clear so as to focus efforts on what's important. 

Sample question we use to evaluate it 

(every 3 months)

  • "Is the team aligned around a vision for its outcome?"

Sample challenges to help you act on it

🔹 Cascade Company Goals

Share with your team the 1-3 objectives to focus the team's efforts and metrics to monitor them.

🔹 Now, Next, Later

Create an individual Now-Next-Later roadmap for your goals, based on the team's ones.

Some sources of our content

Hackman Model of Team Effectiveness (2002)

💙 What our Skoachees say about it

"Skoach pushes us to go through with actions to build a better team and be more productive, which is really important." Fernando Ribeiro, The Bam&Boo


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